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A LOST PET IS AT RISK! Few of us think about our beloved pet becoming lost. However, it does happen. Many calls are made to the Humane Society weekly from owners who have lost their pet. Your pet can become lost in seconds by walking out of an open door or gate. Many dogs become lost by slipping out of their collars. It is surprising that over 70% of pets arriving at shelters are not wearing collars or tags. Unfortunately, if your pet is lost and ends up in a shelter, (possibly far from your hometown) and is unidentified, he or she could be put to sleep in accordance with shelter procedures.

Now, there are nationwide identification systems to help return lost pets quickly to their families. The system we use is called “HOME AGAIN.” It provides permanent identification by means of a tiny microchip, and a national database managed by the AKC that links you to this identification number. Shelters and veterinarians across the country are equipped with scanners to identify pets, and return them to their rightful owners.

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